Tech Talent Accelerator

From Campus to a Tech Career

Embark on a journey from student to sought-after tech talent. 

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Join the Exquis Tech Talent Accelerator Program

Our program offers a comprehensive blend of real-world projects, personalized mentorship, and community support to ensure you’re fully equipped for the tech industry’s demands.

Why Choose this Program?

Transform Your Passion into Expertise

Our all-year-round, self-paced program allows you to learn on your schedule while gaining practical experience through hands-on projects and expert mentorship.

All-Year Round & Self-Paced

Flexible learning tailored to your schedule.

Hands-On Projects

Real-world capstone projects in various tech tracks.


Weekly Knowledge Sharing Sessions with experienced engineers.

Community Support

Dedicated Discord server for interaction and collaboration.


Your Path to Tech Mastery

Front End Development

Dive into the world of front-end development, mastering the art of building responsive and interactive websites using technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Angular.

Backend Development

Gain expertise in backend development, focusing on server-side logic, databases, and APIs. Learn to create robust, scalable web applications with languages like Python, Java, or Node.js.


Learn CI/CD, automation, and infrastructure management with tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins.


Create intuitive and attractive digital products through wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.


Optimize business processes with IT service management, workflow automation, and integration on the ServiceNow platform.

Digital Marketing

Drive online engagement through SEO, content creation, social media, email campaigns, and analytics.

Key Responsibilities

Shape Your Skills, Define Your Path

What We're Looking For

Driven, Creative, and Collaborative

We want students who are not just tech-savvy but also team players, communicators, and problem solvers. If you’re ready to push boundaries and make an impact, this is the place for you.

Passion for Technology

Enthusiasm for learning and applying tech skills.


Ability to manage time and complete tasks independently.

Academic Excellence

Minimum of a 2:2 degree or equivalent in your academic program.


Willingness to collaborate and communicate effectively.


Ready to Kickstart Your Tech Career?

Complete the form beside to apply and take the first step towards your tech future. Join us and become a part of the next generation of tech leaders.

Complete the form below to apply and take the first step towards your tech future. Join us and become a part of the next generation of tech leaders.

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